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100% safe/risk-free

We work very safely. We always hire real and aged amazon customers to do reviews. They purchase products using their real credit cards. Nobody uses gift cards. We never share any kind of information about clients anywhere.

Real and aged reviewers

We have lots of Amazon reviewers. We only allow the reviewers who have a minimum of one year aged amazon account. Before we accept any reviewer, we hardly check his information if he is connected with the Amazon team. We are proud of our reviewers.


Our reviews have an unbelievable lasting rate. On average, only 3% of our reviews are deleted within 6 months or less. Also, we offer money-back if any review is deleted within 3 months.

Money-back guarantee

We offer a money-back guarantee. If any reviewer is unable to post a review, we refund both of the product price and the service fee. If any review is deleted within three months, we refund the service cost only, not the product price.

Quick delivery time

We deliver reviews within a maximum of 15 days from your payment is completed. We complete all purchases within 7 days. Usually, it takes 1-2 days to be shipped and another 2-3 days to be delivered. Our reviewers post reviews within 2 days of receiving products. Or, we will follow your schedule.

Text/image/video review

We have no problem with image or video reviews. You may provide that text/image/video or we will manage it.

Please note: Some reviewers may not agree to capture video. They will do image or text review instead.

Ship empty box

If your products are fulfilled by merchant then, you can deliver empty boxes to the reviewers. It will save your product costs.

Please note: Shipping empty boxes will cost extra 3.00USD per review.

Free helpful votes

We always give 10 to 20 helpful votes to each review. Because helpful votes make a review strong and trusted. Only we have this feature among the global marketplace.

SEO friendly purchase

We trained up our reviewers on how to purchase a product on Amazon. We do not give any URL or ASIN to our reviewers. We give keywords and product screenshots instead. They search the product on Amazon then order it. So Amazon cannot detect any unusual activities.

About Our

How do we collect reviewers?

We have been working on the Amazon review for 6 years. We are a big team. In this long time, we had to work with many sellers and many reviewers. Actually, most of our reviewers have come from the reference of our team members friends, friends of friends, relatives, etc. That’s how we collect reviewers.

Why do they work for us?

We give full product price and 2-4 dollars tip to our reviewers. If sellers send empty boxes, we give them $3 extra.

How many reviewers do we have?

We have many reviewers in USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Canada and India.
: 2500+ Reviewers
: 350+ Reviewers
: 400+ Reviewers
: 250+ Reviewers
: 70+ Reviewers
: 1200+ Reviewers

Our Pricing

1 Reviews


  • Verified Purchase
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Free Helpful Votes
  • 3 Months Money-back
  • Image and Video Review
15 Reviews


  • Verified Purchase
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Free Helpful Votes
  • 3 Months Money-back
  • Image and Video Review
50 Reviews


  • Verified Purchase
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Free Helpful Votes
  • 3 Months Money-back
  • Image and Video Review

Process Steps


Choose a plan and place an order. If you have any question, please ask in the message box or live chat.


One of our admins will contact you within 12 hours after your order is received.


We will check your product. If everything is ok, I will ask you some questions and send you a payment request or invoice.


We will complete all orders within 7 days after your payment is received. We will send you all the order numbers so that you can recognize the orders. ( You will have to provide a Gmail ID so that we can share google spreadsheets ).


Our reviewers will write the reviews within 2 days after they receive the items.

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Payment can be sent directly to our Paypal. We recommend sending payment from “Friends and Family” to avoid Paypal fee.
Amazon reviews payment methods
We send Payoneer invoice by email. The invoice can be paid using a debit or credit card. No Payoneer account required.
Amazon reviews payment methods
We accept bitcoin as well.

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